Unique aim training for gamers

Cybersport (computers, competitions in computer games) – this is the last step in the evolution of sports. And so it obeys all the laws of great sport. In all sports there are special exercises designed to ensure that the athlete as quickly as possible develops the technique of movement, certain elements, strokes, tricks, etc.

Let’s analyse some classic sports examples

For example, you do not need to go far. Let’s take hockey. Any professional hockey player with a high probability will hit hard and accurately in the right place of the gate. After all, it is necessary to score a goal.

During the match, the player makes only a few shots on the goal, and in order to train in this way a quality throw, the hockey player will need a huge amount of time. But to speed up the training process, special exercises were invented – the hockey player rejecting the “extra” (the goalkeeper and the players) puts the puck into different positions and performs throws on the empty goal repeating them thousands of times until he reaches perfection.

Naturally, with the advent of a new sport, there are no exercises for it. They are invented over time and later improved. In the first years of the existence of hockey exercises for him was not and therefore the quality of the game was much lower than the level of our days. This is easy to see by watching any video of the match at least 20 years ago.

Let’s take tennis. To learn how to properly perform a blow, the tennis player plays with the wall, rotates the special training machines-castors, beats balls fired by special cannons, etc. All this repeats a huge number of times. Not to mention the exercises of general physical training.

Football – dribbling, running speed, impact force, stopping technique … all this is practiced by exercises.

Poker – yes, so people consider it a sport, how will you learn to plan your strategies or bluff if you won’t practise constantly and with different players? Same applies for video poker or all other classic sports, video games, gambling games online at top-casino-bonus.co.uk as well as offline at your local casino. This list can be continued indefinitely.

The point is that all these exercises are not as interesting as the game itself, but they improve the quality of the game much faster. And if an athlete wants to become a professional, then he has to fulfill them. This is such a harsh reality!

Let’s return to cybersport

This discipline is the youngest. For it the complexes of exercises, standards and methods of training have not yet been invented. There is nothing of this. But it will be, as e-sports is gaining momentum and is becoming more professional. And having created this site, I decided to take the first step towards exercises for e-sports, and in particular for possession of the mouse. After all, a mouse is the main element in all computer games, both in strategy and in 3D shooters.


Now let’s see what is Aim? and of what does it consist? After all, in order to start training you need to first know what you need to train. Aim is actually pointing the mouse cursor at the desired point on the screen and pressing mouse1 in a timely fashion. It does not matter what color this point is and on what background it is (if only the colors differ) and the smaller the point, the harder it is to quickly and accurately get into it.

Now let’s see what it takes to shoot an opponent. You need to get a FIRST on his model and BEFORE him click on Mouse1 at that time, when the mouse cursor (that is, actually the sight) is exactly on the model.

It happens like this: first you see an opponent, that is, your eyes notice the model on the screen, send the information about the seen image to the brain, then the brain processes it and transmits the signal to the muscles of the hand and fingers in order that they move the mouse as quickly as possible to the desired place. All this happens in about 0.14-0.24 seconds. And those who previously have all these operations, and that wins in a shooting match (errors associated with shooting during strafe or in flight are not taken into account, this is a separate topic).

That is it, you need:

  1. Make the mouse move faster than the opponent.
  2. This movement should be more correct and accurate (without unnecessary wave-like movements).
  3. Pressing the button should be earlier (especially for cases when the enemy model suddenly appears near).

Total – three parts.

During the game you run around on the map, communicate with the teammates, your head is full of tactics, choice of position, incoming information, etc. And you do not notice at all that you are driving your mouse on the rug at the moment. But all the control of the game is exactly with the mouse and keyboard. All. No more action is needed to play. It turns out all that you see, the whole action is just a keyboard + mouse movement on the carpet! And spending hours on the game you train the very movement of the mouse on the rug. Only, for example, for 2 minutes of time on “meat” or when playing 5×5 you qualitatively shoot with the enemy (that is, practice your aim) at best times 5. On a good DM-e at best times 30. And playing online flash games on this site – more than 250 times!!! Do you feel the difference? This is the very exercise that allows you to train a clear aim, throwing away the rest of the game.

3d shooter

Someone will say: “Why should I play an aim game?

All the same, I have a different sense in Counter-Strike (or in QUAKE, WARCRAFT or in any other game).”Well, let’s go back to the physics of mouse movement. How far do you move the mouse across the carpet when shooting at a long distance? It’s only a couple of millimeters, or even less than a millimeter! And now remember what kind of movement on the carpet you do when the enemy suddenly appears close or starts to shoot at you from somewhere behind? This is a sharp move to half the carpet or almost across the entire carpet! In any case, you are trying very quickly to aim at the enemy.

The movement of the mouse on the carpet depends on how far away the enemy is from you. You can make a great sense in windows, so you have to do very little mouse movements on the carpet, playing an aim game. This way you will train shooting at long distances. Or you can lower the sense in Windows and playing an aim game, you have to drag the mouse over the entire carpet, training the shooting to the situation when the opponent is close. Or the average sense in Windows, training the average (most common in the game) distance. A sense in Counter-Strike you can set such that it was convenient to turn away from the flash drive. That’s all!

You need to practise 3 sets of skills:

  1. On the quality of aiming: “Exact aiming”.
  2. On the sharpness of the movement of the mouse: “Fast aiming”.
  3. On the reaction of pressing Mouse1: “Press reaction”.

Playing these categories constantly, every day (generally the more, the better), in time you do not recognize yourself. You will be a terminator, shooting fast and accurately in everything that moves. If you play Warcraft, StarCraft or in another strategy, then there will be frantic control and micro control. In the COP you will react to the departing grenades. Not to mention the running or jumping opponents. A shooting in the COP-e, as is known this is 60% of the game. And if you can not shoot an enemy, then it’s pointless to train tactics, because the enemy will eventually run out and kill. Just get into the model quickly and accurately. Faster than you. And after that, thoughts and puzzles begin, “What did I do wrong?”, “I guess I took the wrong position?”, “I guess I should have waited?”, “Or did I not need to shoot?” … It was necessary! So have patience and shoot for health! =) The result will be rewarding!

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