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The Wii is considered the small gaming system which keeps on chugging. It’d been once greatly disparaged by its fancier and more complex opponents – the Xbox 360 as well as the PlayStation 3 only to beat them comfortably in sales. The cause of the Wii success is in its simplicity as well as the truth that it targets the non gaming crowd. It is possible to only go to the well so often times to have gamers update their gaming systems and purchase new games. If you make the games more accessible to individuals, then you are inviting everyone to play.


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Including all generations of the family from kids to grandparents alike. Nintendo’s strategy to creating the Wii system was a massive jump from its competitor’s gaming systems. While Microsoft as well as Sony were pushing the envelope on images development and difficult disk drive capability which led to a hefty the cost, Nintendo focused on wireless movement detection as gaming input with a small cost objective in yield. The resultant Wii remote has opened a completely new dimension in video game play. Players could really mimic motions as they’d in real life to play video games. The simplicity in leveling and going appealed to players of all ages.

As stated, this new development in game play attracted new gamers. Including a more family oriented audience, as well as physical fitness buffs. There’s a physical fitness craze with the ever popular titles Wii Sports as well as Wii Fit games. Owning a Wii and training with it’s a practical option to purchasing a gym membership. There’s a lesson to be learned from how a Wii beat out The Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 as the top selling gaming system.

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